TriPurbeck Triathlon

Great racing fron the juniors at Castle Court School this morning with good field turning out for the inaugral TriPurbeck Junior Triathlon. The sun was out, the pool was warm, […]

Great racing fron the juniors at Castle Court School this morning with good field turning out for the inaugral TriPurbeck Junior Triathlon. The sun was out, the pool was warm, the music was pumping and Richie was wearing a flourescent jacket so everyone was happy!

In the Tristart event, Freddie led out the first swim wave with the fastest swim split of the race. Ella had the fasted swim amongst the girls and after a bit of help unhooking their bikes from the racking they were all out on the bike course. Figuring out exactly what happened next was a bit tricky, partly because of the split wave, partly because they had all disappeared out onto the bike course but mainly because the commentator was suffering from multiple Max syndrome. As it turns out, Max D put in a great bike split to win by 2 secs from Freddie with Max B bagging 3rd with a strong bike and run. Amongst the girls, it was Jade who showed great running form to come through and win ahead of Ella and Ellie.

In the Tristar 1 race, the boys all started together but George R was keen to get a lead on the swim in his strongest event. Jed wasn’t going to let him get too far in front though and there was just a few secs between them as they ran into transition with George B next out. George R clung on to Jed all round the bike course and they were neck and neck as they started the run. Jed took the win but George R has improved his running hugely and wasn’t far behind in second place. George B put in a fast run split but couldn’t catch the leaders. Another great race amongst the girls with Izzy posting the fastest swim in the category before storming round the bike course.  But as she started to feel the effect of a stitch on the run, Lily came back to within a few seconds before Izzy found a little extra to cross the line first. Olivia produced a superb performance in her first triathlon to finish 3rd with Jodie getting an extra prize after she crossed the line in 3rd following a problem in the swim – she didn’t give up and put in a great run/bike split.

The last race was the Tristar 2 event – an all boys affair and although the field was quite small there was a lot of talent on show! A blanket finish in the swim saw Stephen, Cosmo and Jack all exit the pool within 2 secs of each other. Hot on their tails were Josh, Tom and Joe. Jack led out the bike but Josh put in a stunning bike split to get within a few secs of the lead with Stephen in 3rd and Cosmo 4th going into the run. Josh continued to claw back time on the run but Jack just held on to win by 9 secs. Meanwhile Cosmo, who had dropped back on the bike, was running very fast and he also just failed to close down Stephen who held on for 3rd. Joe had a great run split and Tom finished strongly, meaning that the whole field was only separated by 3 minutes – very close.

Hope you all enjoyed it – we certainly did and we’ll be back at Castle Court for a Junior Duathlon on November 20th. Full results with splits appear below.

Name swim bike run Finish  
Max B 1.27 7.07 1.18 9.52 3rd Boy
Freddie P 1.02 6.26 1.07 8.35 2nd Boy
Rocco C 1.30 11.25 1.19 14.14  
Ella M 1.15 8.09 1.44 11.09 2nd Girl
Sebbie R 1.55 11.00 1.25 14.20  
Max A 1.26 7.24 1.23 10.13  
Beau A 3.00 10.23 1.28 14.51  
Max D 1.26 5.57 1.09 8.33 1st Boy
Ellie S 1.13 8.06 2.10 11.29 3rd Girl
Aiden L 1.36 7.12 1.24 10.13  
Jade M 1.30 7.55 1.20 10.45 1st Girl


Tristar 1          
Name swim Bike Run Finish  
Annie B 3.30 11.00 5.54 20.24  
Jodie S 3.49 10.12 5.17 19.14  
Izzy P 2.26 8.02 7.56 18.21 1st Girl
Beth E 4.07 11.01 6.54 22.02  
Lily B 3.11 10.14 5.34 18.55 2nd Girl
Olivia L 6.20 10.36 5.49 19.39 3rd Girl
Jessica W 3.41 10.17 6.18 20.16  
Jed S 2.34 6.56 4.21 13.51 1st Boy
George B 2.53 7.35 4.30 14.58 3rd Boy
George R 2.30 7.03 4.48 14.21 2nd Boy
Josh M 3.36 12.22 7.54 23.52  
Alfie M 3.36 8.20 5.21 17.17  
Ben A 4.01 9.06 5.43 18.50  
Tom H 4.12 9.26 6.16 19.54  
Lennon 4.02 10.10 6.28 20.40  
Tristar 2           
Name Swim  Bike Run Finish  
Cosmo C 3.37 11.14 6.12 21.03  
Jack B 3.38 9.26 7.11 20.14 1st Boy
Stephen W 3.36 10.04 7.17 20.57 3rd Boy
Josh P 4.06 9.15 7.02 20.23 2nd Boy
Tom P 4.25 10.32 8.27 23.24  
Joe T 4.50 10.05 6.58 21.53  

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