The aim of the Purbeck Triathlon Club is to provide coaching and training opportunities for all abilities, from complete beginner to age group athletes. We have a junior and adult section, the juniors are coached by level 1, 2 and 3 triathlete coaches. At present we run 2-3 sessions a week.


Purbeck Triathlon Club - Dorset

The early swim session on Monday divides the pool into 3 lanes for the juniors and 3 lanes for the adults. The junior section is then divided into one lane for the faster swimmers, who have a swim set provided to build their endurance, with a pool side coach to offer guidance in their stroke. We have an improver’s lane and a beginner’s lane, which are fully coached. The adults are provided with a swim set and are also offered advice on their stroke and training. At our Wednesday morning swim session one of the coaches will provide a swim set for athletes to follow. The Purbeck Sports Centre also runs 2 laned sessions, on a Wednesday evening and a Thursday morning.


Purbeck Triathlon Club - Dorset

Juniors: As part of the Friday session we include mountain biking when possible. The focus is to develop bike handling skills, understand what transition is in triathlon and practice this 4th discipline. It is also about gaining confidence on the bike. Thanks to Sport England and Planet X we now have 5 road bikes and 10 turbos primarily for use by the TriPurbeck Junior Squad.

Group ride from the sports centre at 10am on Saturday morning (usually 90mins – 2hrs) amd 6pm Tuesday evening in the summer. We also occasionally join up with Poole Wheelers or Weymouth Cycle Club for some timetrials!


Purbeck Triathlon Club - Dorset

Every Friday we run a session focussing on strength, agility and technique. This session is not about running for miles, it’s about improving running technique to become more efficient runners, therefore hopefully faster runners. Whilst we still have a bit of light, we will also incorporate bike technique. Once we lose the light we will focus on strength agility and technique work.

Friday evening run sets focus on strength and speed in the winter and intervals sets on the summer aimed at fine tuning your race pace! (whatever pace that may be) Sessions are planned to be suitable for all abilities.




Fundamentally, we aim to provide a club that the whole family can be part of. I would like to stress that it is for all abilities; however, for the more competitive, we aim to develop our own race series, and are keen for TriPurbeck members to represent the club at local and international races.

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