TriPurbeck Junior Triathlon 1

Well it was worth waiting for….. top drawer racing from the juniors at Castle Court Today – the sun was out (mostly), the flags were out (all of them) and […]

Well it was worth waiting for….. top drawer racing from the juniors at Castle Court Today – the sun was out (mostly), the flags were out (all of them) and we were out (of flourescent tops – I never expected them to be so popular!)

First up in the Tristart girls race a blanket finish in the swim with Heidi and Eleanor heading out into transition first but it was Heidi who dominated the race from then on with Jessica coming through on the bike into 2nd place and Jade showing off her running pedigree and finishing 3rd. The whole field was only separated by just over 2 minutes so very close.  In the boys race, Lloyd was first out of the water but Max D was close behind and soon took the lead on the bike taking the win to repeat his success from last September. Lloyd stayed clear in 2nd with Callum coming through on the run for 3rd after a tussle with Max B.

Onto the tristar 1 race and Clarice headed the girls race from start to finish and beat all of the boys in the swim leg! Annie raced well to coming in second. William showed that he has developed his biking and running to hold off a strong challenge from Harry who came storming through for 2nd despite being last out of the pool. Marcus took 3rd in another closely fought race.

We suspected that the tristar 2 race might be close and we weren’t disappointed with Stephen heading out the swim but only by a couple of metres from Jack, Jed and Cosmo all together. Jack showed that the transition practice on Friday night had paid off and was lightning through T1 to lead on the bike. Jed, stepping up in age group again, was hot on his heels but couldn’t quite close him down on the bike. Meanwhile, Isabelle was first girl out of the pool but Lily was quick on the bike and took the lead before T2. Jack held a 40m lead onto the run and Jed could not close him down and had to settle for 2nd place this time. Stephen and Cosmo fought out the now obligatory last lap battle with Stephen pipping Cosmo for 3rd again. Finally, Isabelle tracked down Lily on the run to take the win with Lily in 2nd.

The 2nd race in the series is at the Purbeck Sports Centre on June 24th when we are also holding an adult supersprint race. See you all there!

Full race results from today appear below:


Race SWIM BIKE RUN Total Time
number Tristart
118 Freya V 1.12 7.47 2.39 10.26
113 Jessica B 1.03 6.01 1.12 8.16 2nd Girl
116 Heidi T 0.56 5.49 1.03 7.48 1st Girl
115 Eleanor W 0.57 7.44 1.13 9.54
20 Ella M 1.09 6.50 1.29 9.28
18 Jade M 1.10 6.20 1.13 8.47 3rd Girl
17 Molly 1.16 7.16 1.13 9.55


Race SWIM BIKE RUN Total Time Place
number Tristart
96 Max B 1.06 5.33 1.21 8.00
117 Charlie R 1.58 6.42 1.07 9.47
112 Lloyd A 0.59 5.17 1.06 7.22 2nd Boy
114 Callum McD 1.11 5.28 1.11 7.48 3rd Boy
68 Max D 1.01 5.04 1.03 7.09 1st Boy
16 Finlay B 1.58 8.02 1.22 11.22


Race SWIM BIKE RUN Total Time
number Tristar 1
97 Annie B 3.04 9.14 5.09 17.26 2nd Girl
30 Marcus C-N 3.14 7.45 4.47 15.44 3rd Boy
31 William B 3.10 6.48 4.31 14.28 1st Boy
19 Harry S 3.34 7.02 4.39 15.09 2nd Boy
32 Clarice A 2.48 7.52 5.02 15.39 1st Girl


Race Swim BIKE RUN Total Time
number Tristar 2
24 Stephen W 3.07 9.17 6.02 18.26 3rd Boy
26 Lily B 3.56 10.11 8.20 22.27 2nd Girl
28 Isabelle T 3.19 11.00 7.13 21.30 1st Girl
23 Jack McD 3.13 8.28 5.49 17.30 1st Boy
22 Jed S 3.12 9.06 5.37 17.55 2nd Boy
21 Cosmo C 3.11 9.35 5.44 18.30

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