Sika Duathlon Race Report and Results 28th April 2013

An excellent morning racing in the woods with both the juniors and adults producing some great performances. First up in the Tristart race and  Max Bungay and Arthur Brook renewed […]

An excellent morning racing in the woods with both the juniors and adults producing some great performances. First up in the Tristart race and  Max Bungay and Arthur Brook renewed their battle never more than a few meters apart with Arthur just pipping it although Max did perform some excellent bike hurdling in transition. George Mahon took 3rd place. In the girls Tristart, Jess Baker showed off some excellent biking skills to lead the race home closely followed by Charlotte Lang and Keira Mitchell. In the tristar 1 event, Callum McDermott led from start to finish with Josh Lang an excellent second after choosing to race an age group up. The lead changed hands several times in an exciting girls race with Agnes Brook producing a fantastic bike leg to secure the win in the end. Ellie Stannard ran and road well and came second. Emily Dighton also had a good bike but was overhauled by Annie Bungay who finished in 3rd after a strong second run.

The Tristar2 and 3 races started together and Jack McDermott had a great run to lead onto the bike for the Tristar 2s. Luke MacPherson wasn’t far behind though and the dry conditions suited his cross bike as he built an unassailable lead. Jack finished strongly to secure 2nd place and Luke Dighton showed how much he is developing with a great 3rd place. Lily Burnet could never quite get on terms with Rachel Packard who once again produced a winning performance despite moving up in age group. Jodie Stannard ran strongly into 3rd spot to complete the T2 girls placings. Meanwhile in the tristar 3 race, Lucy Brain was showing the boys how to do it, never losing her lead once the bike was underway. Josh Prior finished 1st boy in his first T3 race followed by the fast finishing Joe Mithchell and Joe Taylor.

A small but high class field gathered for the Adult race with the bike course running fast after we eventually got dry enough weather for the rescheduled race. TriPurbeck running superheroes Justin Matthews and Neil McDermott led the run out closely followed by November’s race winner Ben Lang, Brendan Reese who finished 3rd in November and TriPurbeck junior athlete Sam Brown. Katherine Dean led the run for the ladies. By the end of the first lap of the bike Ben was into his stride and into the lead taking about 30 seconds a lap out of Justin. Neil wasn’t making any inroads whilst Brendan was catching Justin but not Ben. So all tight in the first 5 places but storming up the field again, Mark Fagg went from 7th to 2nd during the bike leg, recording the fastest bike split and fastest lap at 11min 2sec.  Ben Lang eased out the second run to win the race for the second time in an excellent 1hr23min45sec – the second fastest time recorded on this course. Brendan Reese once again posted the fastest second run split to overhaul Mark Fagg for 2nd place whilst Mark just held off the fast finishing Justin Matthews. Katherine Dean led the ladies race from start to finish winning in 1hr55min from Tina Stratford and Jackie Preston with the ladies vets prize going to Tania Kaplan. Last word to Sam Brown who posted an outstanding 1hr30min finish in his first senior race.

Photos from the event will appear on our flickr stream shortly…..

Great racing in the woods again from everyone and we’ll all be back for another go in November – hope to see you there.

Adult results appear here  sika results 28th april 2013  

 Junior results appear below: 

Tristart   Run 1 Bike Run 2 Finish  
Bungay  Max 00:01:51 00:03:58 00:01:44 00:07:33 2nd boy
Bungay  Finlay 00:01:56 00:04:52 00:01:47 00:08:35  
Shailer William 00:01:48 00:04:32 00:01:47 00:08:07  
Baker Jessica 00:01:57 00:05:01 00:01:36 00:08:34  
Brook Arthur 00:01:48 00:04:00 00:01:27 00:07:15 1st boy
Lang Charlotte 00:02:04 00:05:23 00:01:51 00:09:18 2nd girl
Matthews Maddie 00:02:08 00:07:00 00:01:59 00:11:07  
Wilde Finn 00:01:57 00:05:23 00:01:42 00:09:02 1st girl
Mahon George 00:01:54 00:04:22 00:01:29 00:07:55 3rd boy
Mitchell Keira 00:01:57 00:05:41 00:01:44 00:09:22 3rd girl
Shailer Thomas 00:02:08 00:06:21 00:01:53 00:10:22  
Tristar 1   Run 1 Bike Run 2 Finish  
McDermott  Callum 00:02:40 00:07:22 00:01:57 00:11:59 1st boy
Bungay  Annie 00:02:55 00:08:47 00:02:02 00:13:44 3rd girl
Stannard  Ellie 00:02:59 00:08:12 00:02:15 00:13:26 2nd girl
Brook Agnes 00:03:05 00:07:17 00:02:11 00:12:33 1st girl
Richards Grace 00:03:07 00:10:47 00:02:26 00:16:20  
Matthews Jade 00:03:02 00:10:06 00:02:33 00:15:41  
Lang Joshua 00:02:49 00:07:36 00:02:03 00:12:28 2nd boy
Dighton Emily 00:03:08 00:08:20 00:02:58 00:14:26  
Tristar 2   Run 1 Bike Run 2 Finish  
Burnett Lily 00:03:46 00:10:39 00:02:42 00:17:07 2nd girl
Stannard  Jodie 00:03:47 00:12:16 00:02:28 00:18:31 3rd girl
Shailer  Samuel 00:04:11 00:11:10 00:03:00 00:18:21  
Packard Rachel 00:03:32 00:10:47 00:02:25 00:16:44 1st girl
Richards Tom 00:03:35 00:11:21 00:02:28 00:17:24  
Dighton Luke 00:03:28 00:09:57 00:02:27 00:15:52 3rd boy
McDermott  Jack 00:03:12 00:09:33 00:02:08 00:14:53 2nd boy
MacPherson Luke 00:03:15 00:08:55 00:02:04 00:14:14 1st boy
Tristar 3            
Brain Lucy 00:04:10 00:11:59 00:02:37 00:18:46 1st girl
Prior Joshua 00:04:09 00:12:20 00:02:52 00:19:21 1st boy
Taylor Joe 00:04:11 00:14:20 00:02:47 00:21:18 3rd boy
Mitchell Joe 00:04:12 00:13:29 00:02:34 00:20:15 2nd boy


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