Soggy Sika Duathlon

Fantastic racing in the woods on Sunday despite the weather and the course sabotage! Juniors were up first and we saw some great racing with Arthur Brook and  Maddy Matthews winning […]

Fantastic racing in the woods on Sunday despite the weather and the course sabotage!

Juniors were up first and we saw some great racing with Arthur Brook and  Maddy Matthews winning the boys and girl tristart event. Only a strong sprint finish could separate George Fowkes and Josh Lang in the tristar 1 boys race with George just coming out on top. In the girls race, Agnes Brook put in a stunning bike leg to win in front of Jade Matthews and Jess Baker. Lola Brown got her revenge on Lily Burnet in the girls TriStar 2 race whilst Luke Dighton stormed away on the bike to take the boys race from Will Baker. The overall schools cup for the race went to Wareham Primary.

There was plenty of mud and driving rain around by the time the adults took to the course but that didn’t stop Roger Fowkes putting in a 23min split for the first run, just ahead of Julian Ridgely who in turn was followed by a bunch of guys about 1min back. The start of the bike was unfortunately hampered by the actions of an unkown prankster who had swapped a direction sign causing some of the leaders to take a wrong turn. I use the word prankster as it’s both suitable for use on the website and contains many of the letters of another word I could have used :-) Many thanks to local mtb legend James Horton who effectively gave up his race to help sort the problem – still well worth checking out his bike splits for the remaining 3 laps! Unperturbed, the leaders went about ripping round the course in unbelievable times given the conditions. Roger Fowkes was never headed but Ross Smith and Ben Lang gradually made their way through from the second running pack to take 2nd and 3rd places by the end of the bike. No place changes amonst the first 3 on the final run, with Mark Fagg taking the vets prize in 4th and Julian Ridgely fighting his way back up to 5th largely due to some excellent running. In the ladies event, Sarah Cranstone led from start to finish with Liz Gilmour in 2nd and Laura Wilcox an excellent 3rd in her first race since joining TriPurbeck. Kath Dean took the vets prize following her race win last time.       

Adult results are available here: Sika Adult Results Dec 2013

Junior results appear here:

Tristart   Run 1 Bike Run 2 Finish  
Bungay  Finlay 00:01:44 00:04:51 00:01:47 00:08:22  
Brook Arthur 00:01:32 00:04:15 00:01:33 00:07:20 1st boy
Matthews Maddie 00:01:55 00:07:29 00:02:01 00:11:25 1st girl 
Wilde Finn 00:01:35 00:04:35 00:01:36 00:07:46 3rd boy
Burnet Max 00:01:34 00:04:50 00:02:42 00:09:06  
Tinsley Zachary 00:01:43 00:04:34 00:01:51 00:08:08  
Fowkes Archie 00:01:36 00:04:19 00:01:45 00:07:40 2nd boy 
Tristar 1   Run 1 Bike Run 2 Finish  
Bungay  Max 00:03:12 00:07:52 00:02:29 00:13:33 3rd boy
Shailer William 00:03:35 00:09:07 00:02:48 00:15:30  
Brook Agnes 00:03:33 00:07:35 00:02:55 00:14:03 1st girl
Lang Joshua 00:03:06 00:07:07 00:02:06 00:12:19 2nd boy
Matthews Jade 00:03:15 00:08:16 00:03:02 00:14:33 2nd girl
Wilde Lotte 00:03:13 00:09:20 00:03:49 00:16:22  
Fowkes George 00:03:02 00:07:06 00:02:10 00:12:18 1st boy
Powell Bryn 00:03:27 00:09:43 00:02:31 00:15:41  
Peters Ollie 00:03:22 00:09:15 00:02:38 00:15:15  
Dighton Emily 00:03:38 00:09:12 00:04:28 00:17:18  
Munday James 00:03:27 00:09:21 00:02:30 00:15:18  
Simmonds Mollie 00:03:09 00:09:53 00:02:50 00:15:52  
Baker Jessica 00:03:39 00:09:16 00:01:55 00:14:50 3rd girl
Tristar 2 + 3   Run 1 Bike Run 2 Finish  
Bungay  Annie 00:05:15 00:14:04 00:02:49 00:22:08 2nd girl
Burnet Lily 00:04:40 00:09:41 00:02:50 00:17:11 3rd girl
Baker William 00:04:20 00:09:44 00:02:28 00:16:32  
Brown Lola 00:04:25 00:10:06 00:02:18 00:16:49  
Dighton Luke 00:04:16 00:09:35 00:02:14 00:16:05 2nd boy
Shailer  Samuel 00:04:22 00:10:39 00:02:10 00:17:11 1st boy
Taylor Joe 00:04:06 00:11:02 00:01:56 00:17:04  

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